How to Plan an Awesome Birthday Party (Checklist included)

Organizing a party is no child’s play. Especially a party which involves children as guests and your child as host. You have to have everything perfect. I know this as I have just finished organizing one. And by all standards, I think it was a successful one. The real prize was my daughter’s happiness at the end when her friends praised her for her beautiful Barbie cake.

But there are more chances of a party going downhill without proper planning. Last year, for the same daughter’s birthday party, everything went wrong for me. From the cake being too awfully sweet to the snacks being too boring for the kids, there was no salvation point for me.

So this year, I had to make sure everything goes right in every manner. Now moms like us, living on a budget, have to don many hats. So I donned the hats of a baker, chef, event planner, MC and what not for some twelve 5-6 years old. It was a difficult job but I planned it right down to the last bit from a month in advance which helped me in organizing it successfully.

So if you are in a dilemma about how to plan and organize your child’s birthday party, worry not. Because I am going to show you step-by-step on how to perform the initial planning to organize a party which your child’s friends will remember for years to come.

I started planning my daughter’s birthday party a month prior to the actual date. This helped me in planning properly. Also, there’s a room for any mistake or adjustments to be made.

The first thing I would advise you to do is set a budget for your party. Doing this will help you in channeling all other activities.

Also, ask your child about the friends she would like to invite. This will help you in managing the food, return gifts, party games according to the number of guests and the budget.

Then you need to decide the time and venue for the party. If it is your backyard, all good. But if you are planning to go somewhere fancy, you may have to book in advance. Also, from the budget we set in the earlier step, you need to dedicate the amount you are willing to spend on the venue.

I had decided to host the party in my backyard. I love the homey feel to any party and this seemed to be the best way to do it.

The next thing is the favorite bit of everyone attending the party. The food. Based on the budget, set a menu and create a list of items which would be under the budget and will be liked by the friends who are of your child’s age. One advise here is to have a good mix of healthy snacks and not-so-healthy-but-delicious food.

If you are using catering services, be sure to talk to them regarding the menu and your budget. If you are preparing the snacks yourself, make a list of all the ingredients you need two to three weeks in advance so that you can be ready with everything on the day of the preparation.

My daughter’s birthday menu had cake pops, sandwiches, juices, mini pizzas and of course, a slice of the birthday cake I had baked.

Keep in mind that more items in the party translates to smaller servings of each and vice vera. Also, the ages of the children matter. Since I had to cater to 5-6 years old, the serving size and menu seemed appropriate. If you have older kids or younger kids, you will have to adjust the servings and food items accordingly to their taste and preferences.

Also, take into account the duration of the party. I believe longer parties tend to wear kids off and anything between 2-4 hours is more than enough.

Next step is to choose a theme. Kids nowadays love theme parties. I had a hello kitty theme party last year, so this year I went for barbie theme. This helped me in selecting the birthday dress for my girl, colors of balloons and decorations, games to play, etc. It also made it easier to choose the return gifts for the guests. (I chose a barbie pencil case.)

The last thing to do is to create an invitation for your kids birthday party. You can either create one online through Canva and print them or you can even make one yourself if you are artistically inclined. Whatever you choose, make sure to include your contact number, address, date, time, venue clearly. Also, urge the parents to RSVP so that you know the final numbers on your guest list.

So this is it, folks. This list will help you with the initial planning of your kids’ birthday party. You can also download my full birthday checklist for free after signing up the form. It is a thorough checklist which will help you in organizing party dreams are made up of. And it will also take out the hassles and chaos from the organization, leaving you and your family more time to enjoy the party.

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