8 Rules to Stay Focused and Productive while Working from Home

When you search for ways to work from home in your google tab, you will get tons of results. Some authentic, some not so.

But what you don’t get is how to do it. How to juggle a career, kids, marriage, and a host of other things needing your attention all at the same time. How to be productive while working from home?

Let me tell you one thing- It’s TOUGH!!

It has happened so many times where I have lost track of time. Days when I spent hours working in my home office, while neglecting my personal life. Similarly, many times, I have spent having too much fun and have neglected my work.

There is no easy way to go around it. You can make your time tables, worksheets and what not to organize your day. But you, still, fall behind in one or the other way.

So how do they do it? These talented women you read about all day. They are having it all-Fame, money, success, disciplined kids, a happy husband. what is their mantra, you ask?

I used to do that too, you know. I used to look at the beautiful blogs, inspiring articles and their oh-so-cool life. They used to make me feel angry at my laziness and ineptness to work harder.

Many times, I was tempted to just shove my face under my pillow and forget about the whole working from home thing.

Because, there were a million things needing my attention. I felt guilty that I was working on my laptop and not doing the chores or attending to my kids. I felt that I wasn’t made for this type of work.

But you know what? I was wrong. So very wrong. I was comparing myself with these talented women who were doing this sort of juggling for years while being a newbie myself.

Not a fair comparison, if you ask me. After all, when I started a few years back, I had no idea about the working online game. I was an absolute disaster.

But time and experience give you valuable lessons. They teach you perseverance, commitment and hard work are the only things you need. (Along with loads of coffee)

I learned that to juggle this type of career needs discipline. therefore, no sleeping in late or slugging my time by watching TV. I created a number of steps I needed to cover each day to have an efficent work routine while efficient in my personal life as well.

So if you are thinking to quit and feel that working from home is too big a challenge to surmount, my advice for you would be to hang on. Just take one day at a time. And you will be fine, I assure you.

Each day will teach you some great lessons to tackle the challenges managing work, home, kids, neighbour and a thousand other things in the most efficient manner. Trust, you will be fine in the end.

I am a living and breathing example of being fine.

Meanwhile, I want to help you in whichever way I can. so I am gonna share some of the tips and cheats I use to stay prodctive while working from home

You can also check this to give you moments of sanity so that you can work without any pending chores looming over your head.

So hang on tight, and read on to find out how can you do what others seem to be doing so well.

Have an office corner

Set up space which is essentially your office in your home. When you are working from home, it is very easy to work from anywhere you want -be it the dining table or your unmade bed, but I would advise you against it.

You see, you need a corner dedicated for your work. (also a no-play zone for your kids if you are a parent)

Having said that, choose a corner where you will be comfortable working for hours.

Plan your ideas beforehand

Have a planner handy. Write down your ideas for your business. Writing them down will put them into perspective.

Have a weekly planner and write down your weekly tasks to efficient. This way, you can start getting work done immediately instead of trying to come up with ideas each morning.

They will also motivate you to work harder to achieve your goal, if you are Trust from them. Simply put, it is your tangible wishlist urging you to hustle a little more finish you look at it.

If you are into productivity apps , you can use tools like deviating and Torello as well. Whatever you find more productive and easy to work with.

(My nifty tip: I use sticky notes to jot down my ideas. I find them to be better than a notebook and easier than productive apps. Although apps do come handy if you are stuck with an idea while you are out and about )

Identifying what needs to get done is one of the most difficult task and if you can tackle that, rest of it becomes relatively easier.

Set up your goals.

Have goals. Both long term and short term goals. And instead of making it into monetary goals, try to set them in what you would want to achieve non-financially.

Like making x number of sales if you are into retail business or writing x number of articles in a month if you are a writer like me. You can also set long term goals for where you want your business to be in an year.

Let the music play

Put some music on. You know its a lesser known fact that music actually improves your concentration. So listen to some background music while working. so make a playlist of your favorite music which increases your productivity and start working like a fine tune.

Set a fixed schedule.

I know its very easy to forget the flow of time while you are working from home but set aside a fixed time every day for your work. Set the time when you are least likely to get disturbed – Like when you children are off to school or are sleeping. This will help you in giving your 100% to your work.

One key aspect here is to find the time where you are your most productive self and use that period to accomplish most of the tasks. Some are morning persons and some, like me, are productive at evenings.

Whatever works for you, find it and use the precious time to get ahead.

Now you’ve set yourself a schedule. Also make sure to tell your family and friends that your working time is no-drop zone period, for anyone and everyone, unless it’s an emergency.

Setting up boundaries beforehand will help you from any unwanted visitors from distracting you and if proposed in a nice manner, your family and friends will understand your needs of no being disturbed.

Wear your work clothes

Get dressed for your work. I know this sounds a bit silly when you are working from home. I was apprehensive about it too when i read it first. but boy, it does make a difference. Specially if you have a habit of working in your PJs like me.

I used to work and then rest and then work some more. It was a cycle which I just couldn’t break. And then I read this tip online and I realized why it was so easy for me to get exhausted while working in my PJs.

PJs are comfortable or in some cases too comfortable. It is very easier to lie down and doze off in them which distracts you from your work in a major way. Therefore, PJs are a strict no-no.

Instead get yourself some comfy but not too comfy work wear which will help you from slumbering every now and then.

Get rid of distraction number 1

Make yourself unavailable while you are working. I tend to avoid my mobile as much as I can while I am working. Your smartphone is the number one distract. Without even realizing, you can spend hours going through your social media feeds.

Not the most productive way to work from home, I tell you. Therefore, keep your mobile phone away, and make an effort to ignore it while you are working.

Avoid “All Work, No Play”

Remember that you have a life outside your work. Unlike an office job with its fixed working hours, working from home has a certain disadvantage where your personal and professional life gets intermingled. But don’t let it happen. Remember to log off from your work and have fun without thinking of work all the time.

In the end,

Dedication and hard work will take you places but it doesn’t hurt to get some helpful tips to ease the whole process.

These were just some of the ways which help me cope up with the workload and I find them to be very useful while working from home. I will also try to update this post as and when I find another nifty trcik to be super helpful.

In fact, you might be having some of yours too. Share them with me in the comments section. Who knows? They might become the next great tip which helps us all jugglers.

Also, if you liked the post, please share it with others. Till then, Happy Juggling!!

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