Fun ways to Spend Quality Time with your Kids

A few days back, I was going through my cloud storage and sorting through the stuff, organizing them into neat files and folders. As always, nostalgia got in between and I couldn’t complete the task at hand.

But I don’t have any regrets. You see, I learnt an important lesson on that day. “Time flies away”. It really does.

As I was looking at my 6-years old daughter’s infancy photos, I realized how much time has passed since then. In my busy life of being a working from home mother, I have spent far more time in front of my laptop screen than I should have.

I love my work, no doubt. But I love my kids more. and these years of their childhood aren’t going to come back.

Soon, they will be all grown up with their own set of friends wanting to spend night at their friend’s home rather than being tucked at night by me.

I have missed so many opportunities to bond with my children. Whenever they ask me tell a stroy, I am just too tired to think of a story let alone utter one.

How many times they have asked me to play with them and how many times I have refused because I had work to do, dinner to prepare, laundry to fold.

And today, I don’t remember those delicious dinners or the folded laundry. I remember and regret the lost opportunities I had with my children.

So I have decided that I will spend this precious little time I have got with my children. I will listen to them regale their funny school tales.

I won’t refuse my daughter when she comes to me, intent on helping with my baking. I always refuse her because I don’t want her to create extra mess.

But those are the times when she wants to bond with me and I will never refuse her again.

And this resolution is what gave me the idea for this post.

I want to spend time with my kids and create quality memories with them. I am sure there are other parents out there who can understand this dilemma.

So I have compiled a list of fun activities you can do with your kids. I will definitely be doing them with my kids and I urge you, as one parent to another, to spend time with your kids as much as you can.

Doing whatever it is that you love to do. Involve them, talk to them. It will be the best nourishment for your children. So here goes the super cool list to make your time with your kids a real special one.

Let the Music Play

Start some music which your child loves and dance with them or sing out loud the lyrics if your children are old enough to sing along. Don’t worry about the younger ones though, they will just love to be a part of the fun, trust me.

You can try to finish cleaning or organizing your home while playing music which will kill two birds with one stone.You get to have fun with your kids while finishing your chores.

DIY Pizza night

Have a pizza night once in a week or two. Lay out the table with pans with the pizza dough all ready to go in the oven and let your children put their favorite toppings, cheese and sauce.

Encourage the little bakers

Let them help you with baking cookies, or cooking a meal. These small treasures will help in boosting their self-confidence and morale.

DIY mini projects

You can find numerous DIY projects online. From doll houses to kinetic sand, there is no limit to the ideas. Try to spend one weekend in a month making something for and with your children.

They will treasure their little DIY project and will be excited to show it off to their friends.

Paint it red

I print some of my kids’ favorite creatures, cartoon characters and we have a painting session. You should definitely try this one. There is something about colors that kids just can’t get enough of.

Movie Night-In

Watch a movie together. Just yesterday, we watched Moana. My kids loved it and can’t wait for us to do it again.

You can even make it into an all-in movie night by making popcorn at home. Trust me, your kids will love such impromptu movie nights.

Walk the Talk

Make it quick and simple. Just talk a stroll with them after dinner. The fresh air will calm them and help them to sleep better, and you will get to spend some precious moments with them.

(I make my kids wear their PJs, brush their teeth before taking the stroll. That way, they can directly go to bed without any hassles.

Blow away

I bought a set of bubble blowers. My kids love it and it has become another of our once-in-a-week routine which they absolutely look forward to.

A real connection

Talk to your kids about funny things you did in your childhood. Imagining you as a mischievous child will be a new experience for them and one which will help them to connect with you in a real and meaningful way.

A Storytelling session

Tell them a story or if you are not good at it, you can take help from story books for children.

Stories have enchanted humans for years and children are absolutely fascinated by them. Take this opportunity to spend a special quiet time, lost in the world of beautiful words.

Not only will it enhance their creativity, it will be a fodder for their imagination.


Kids love it when we spend some of our time doing something they love. They feel cherished, treasured and appreciated. So nurture their souls and spend these beautiful years making memories for a lifteme. This time isn’t going to come back.

Take pleasure in each and every moment you have with your kid.

And on that note, I end this post. But if you like this post, do share it with others. And don’t forget to give me your inputs on how you bond with your child. I will be glad to hear them.

Till then, Have a happy life creating fun-filled, love-filled memories with your kids.

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